Review: Pixlmator for iPhone

Pixelmator for iPad is a pro-level image editor with tons of templates, tools and effects for perfecting your photo projects. It has a full set of artistic tools so you can touch up a photo or paint a picture from scratch.

Reviews / 30 Ноя 2015

New Google Glass Now Look Like Normal Glasses

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Reviews, Technology / 29 Ноя 2015

Flowchart App vs Whiteboard

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Reviews / 05 Окт 2015

Gallery post

The company announced in a statement, «Audi is bringing the Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay software platforms into cars. Major functions will be integrated into the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) in the future.» Referring to CarPlay integration in particular, Audi says it is taking place through «intensive dialog between the Audi development lab […]

Lifestyle, Reviews / 25 Ноя 2014